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I found this gem for $40.00 on Craigslist. It was in great shape, minimal damage that could not be fixed. After a major cleaning and heavy sanding on the top (it was laminate) I got to painting.

This was inspired by my post here. I used Killz primer, Rustoleum Satin Black and Rustoleum Bauhaus Gold.



One coat of paint

Lined drawers (I hate contact paper :/)


With the headboard

Instructions on how I made the headboard are here.

Thanks to Remodelholic for the feature!


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This is another plan I got from Ana at Knock off Wood. It was listed on my upcoming projects list which I am slowly chipping away.



Staining - I really hate this process :/ - but its necessary to get the results I want

Details of the finish

With random items - I still need to get lighting for this table

Top View

I wasn’t an immediate fan when I finished this because I would have loved it about 5 inches taller. It’s grown on me but I am still tempted to make another with adjusted dimensions from Ana’s plan.

That’s it! What are you building???

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Hyde Console Table

My console table is finally done! I love it. This will inspire me to make more pieces like this before I spend a good penny. It was worth every minute of it. Thanks to Ana from Knock-Off Wood for her fantastic plans. The plan I used is here.

I used Minwax Jacobean stain. Tips: Measure, Measure, Measure! Follow Ana’s instructions. Be patient.


Ignore my wall, I am still testing paint swatches

Pieces laid out

How I held the pieces, I dont have clamps (yet) so this worked

Attaching the top (upside down)


Detail of the wood grain




I am very happy with it

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Pottery Barn Table Lamp Knockoff

I found inspiration in the Pottery Barn Catalog a few weeks ago for this lamp

Sienna Table & Bedside Lamp Base

I found mine at Vincent’s for $14.99 and paid $4.99 for the shade at Ross for Less. I didn’t change the paint on the base. It matches my rustic looking tables I re-stained perfectly!


Detail - It's black with a textured feel to it

After! I changed the lampshed

Detail After

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This was a treasure I found in an Antique mall by my job.  The stall owner was having a sale and I jumped right on it.

In the stall


I wasn’t a fan of the pinkish fabric and I don’t care to keep seat fabrics that are already used so I decided to use some that I bought from the Hobby Lobby sale rack for $1.98 for the 2 yrds available.

I unscrewed the old top, removed the fabric, batting and foam and replaced it. This is what I ended up with.

I am not sure where this baby is going yet, I will deal with that as the house comes together, for now it provides extra seating in the living room.


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Mirror Refurb

I have had this mirror for about 6 years and always kept it in my dining in my old apartments. The gold color is awful and I decided to re-use this for my guest bath temporarily (I want something bigger in there).

I took it apart, sprayed primer and two coats of paint and viola.

Original Mirror


Two coats of spray paint


The finish

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This was a painful project but it was sooooo worth it, I cant wait to put it up!!! 🙂

It took me a long time to pick out fabric and lots of thinking because I didn’t realize there is no fabric with a wider width above 54 inches (at least I have not found one). This presented challenges since I wanted to do an 80″ x 60″ Headboard for a queen bed instead of the regular 48″ x 60″ I have seen on several blogs. After I started the project I realised its the same fabric that All Things Thrifty used, I just did it different. I love their idea too!

I got the fabric at Home Fabrics for $4.99 yrd and all the rest at Home Depot. Check the reject bin at Home Depot for wood sold at $.50 a piece.

I used:

  • Plywood
  • Hot glue gun
  • Staple gun
  • 3×1’s
  • 4×1
  • Batting
  • Fabric
  • Nail head trim
  • Spray Adhesive
  • 1″ High density foam
  • Patience
  • Loss of a new nails

The white wood is some extra support beams I added

HD Foam measured, cut and stuck to plywoon with spray adhesive

Batting added and stapled in the center

Edge of the collection - I used 10oz batting first then 4 oz for the topper

Sizing fabric and pattern positioning

I used hotglue because sewing wasnt working well for me...it was a sad state

Both pieces joined and looking good. I did opt to add nail head trim to further hide the seam

I started with the middle to make sure it was balanced left and right

Progress, not bad though I ran out of nail heads - make sure you get enough, I didnt measure :/

Yes - I see the bends. (I dont care?) lol

Finished! I love it 🙂

It will go up once I figure out what the color of the side tables will be…..pondering.


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