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Cowls, cowls and more cowls

I made these in a span of a couple of days a few weeks ago. The plan is to have them on Etsy before the holidays fully hit. I will add the link this weekend.

These will be $20-30.00 depending on the pattern picked, feel free to email me if you want to put some orders in.

Happy weekend everyone!


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My trip to Green Bay was a delight when I found this fabric. I bought as much as I could and may need to order much more as I have so many ideas to work with.

I have never used a pattern before and decided to give this a shot for a more polished look. I am happy with the results.

Main Packer logo fabric with the alternates I got from Joannes to match

Fabric cuts with the Simplicity pattern

Outside and inside pieces (2 of each)


Inside of the finished bag - the sides should have been sewn but I didnt realize that till I finished...no shocker

I will be back with some coin purses and make-up bags

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Key Holder

This was inspired by DIY Showoff. This was really easy and took me about 10 minutes to make.


After stickers, modgepodge and acrylic spray


The last picture is placed on my Hyde Console Table I showed you last week.

Thanks to Roeshel for this brilliant idea!

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This is made from materials that have been sitting in boxes, I figured I would get it done. I know this is so last year but I still love it?

What I used

Arrange and cut what you need

Attach and admire

Side angle

Excuse my attire – Its been 100 degrees plus here for the past week – clothing is um..not an option

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Quarter Purse

I just love Jeniffer’s purses on Etsy. And whoa, she gave a tutorial here! Support her and buy something. Thanks love.

I made some adjustments and changes because I could not get some of the instructions (duh me). I still ended up with a lovely quarter purse. I used leftover fabric from me headboard seen here. The project took me about 2 hours because I was doing laundry, cooking and quaking at blogs in between.

The handles


Handles secured

Lining attached

Yeah bag

The inside


Happy Week lovelies!

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Mirror Refurb

I have had this mirror for about 6 years and always kept it in my dining in my old apartments. The gold color is awful and I decided to re-use this for my guest bath temporarily (I want something bigger in there).

I took it apart, sprayed primer and two coats of paint and viola.

Original Mirror


Two coats of spray paint


The finish

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