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My trip to Green Bay was a delight when I found this fabric. I bought as much as I could and may need to order much more as I have so many ideas to work with.

I have never used a pattern before and decided to give this a shot for a more polished look. I am happy with the results.

Main Packer logo fabric with the alternates I got from Joannes to match

Fabric cuts with the Simplicity pattern

Outside and inside pieces (2 of each)


Inside of the finished bag - the sides should have been sewn but I didnt realize that till I finished...no shocker

I will be back with some coin purses and make-up bags


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Ida Maria High Waisted Skirt

This is another Kitenge re-do. I went with a skirt and will be figuring out how to do the top sometime soon. I used the instructions from Burdastyle: Here

Original fabric

Pieces - I used a blue strip for the waist band


Hem details - I left the original design

Happy Sewing!

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Quarter Purse

I just love Jeniffer’s purses on Etsy. And whoa, she gave a tutorial here! Support her and buy something. Thanks love.

I made some adjustments and changes because I could not get some of the instructions (duh me). I still ended up with a lovely quarter purse. I used leftover fabric from me headboard seen here. The project took me about 2 hours because I was doing laundry, cooking and quaking at blogs in between.

The handles


Handles secured

Lining attached

Yeah bag

The inside


Happy Week lovelies!

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My Infinity Dress

So I said this would be my weekend project and I am done already a few hours later. This project is so easy! Even if you don’t have a machine I am convinced you can do it. I did make 2 mistakes 1) I didn’t cut the circle for the skirt right so I had to do a two side seam skirt bottom 2) when I stitched the waist band, I mis-arranged the order of fabric so my seams are not all under the straps but in the middle. I can live with both errors but I know better now for the 30 dresses I will make (yes I love it that much) 🙂


Cut Pieces

Sewing to the bottom pieces

Bottom complete

Waist Band

Attaching waist band to the two straps

Have a lovely day!

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Weekend Project – Infinity Dress

I have been looking at this pattern for a while. I haven’t been able to start it because 1) It looks to easy to be true 2) Procrastination 3) Sewing makes me nervous as much as I like it.
I bought the fabric I will be using about two weeks ago and have decided to go ahead and do it this weekend. Check out the possibilities Thanks to Rowena at Rostitchery for this simple pattern.

Infinity_kimono_front Infinity_kimono_back Infinity_one_shoulder_front Infinity_one_shoulder_back

Infinity_cross_halter_front Infinity_cross_halter_back Infinity_cross_bust_front Infinity_cross_bust_back

I am excited! Happy weekend everyone

See mine here

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Kitenge Dress Repurposed

A kitenge is an African form of dress for those who are wondering. It comes in many colors and prints and can be designed several ways, worn as a skirt and top, wrap or flow dress.I have several but they are ten sizes too big despite how comfy they are.

Here is what I decided to do with one of them as a test of how I will re-do all the others.

This is really long and wide

Layout and cut

Sewn and tried out, much better huh?

I know that last picture is terrible quality but I was rushing. I like this a lot better, it will be great with this hot summer weather.

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