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Cowls, cowls and more cowls

I made these in a span of a couple of days a few weeks ago. The plan is to have them on Etsy before the holidays fully hit. I will add the link this weekend.

These will be $20-30.00 depending on the pattern picked, feel free to email me if you want to put some orders in.

Happy weekend everyone!


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Girlfriend Neckwarmer

I made this for a friend and I hope she loves it. Its very similar to the boyfriend neck-warmer seen here.

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Boyfriend Neck-warmer

I really love this pattern – so easy and quick. These take me about two hours on average if I put my head to it. It can take a few extra hours if I am having wandering eyes and itchy fingers.

I made this for the DBF and he seems to like the wool color and its pretty warm too 😉 – I used wool ease in the grey?? – I lost the wrapper

Its a little big for me because his shoulders are three times my size 🙂

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Knit Purse

So this started more as a scarf and ended up as a bag…it wasnt working but I have finished the original intent. I didnt use the right needle size for the scarf so I made other use of it anyway.

The wool I used

The knit

The Knit with the edges

Put together - I just need the inside and the handles

The inside fabric sewn in


Finished - I like...the handles were a problem decision between the wooden or curves...I will use the wooden handles for another project

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Crotchet Scarf

I made this yesterday and I love it! I used one skein with a few yards left. This is my first crotchet project in a while and I will definately make a few more items.

I added tassles since it came out a little shorter than I expected

Scarf On

Scarf on from the side

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Floral Scarf

I was inspired by Kate Kukoro’s knit scarf. But since I am terrible at following knit patterns I just stared at it real hard and made mine.

Its really warm and plan on getting alot of use out of this.

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