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Simple Vine Art

This was inspired by the many vine pieces I have seen around the web lately. From Houzz, framed branches on Curbly and a simple octagon from A Wood Railing.

What you need:

  • Liquid Nails
  • Vine/branches of choice – I used these from World Market (mine don’t have the flowers)
  • Weights¬† – small ones as you do not want to break your vines. I used baby shoes, toys, etc
  • Toothpicks – for liquid nails application
  • Cotton buds – for clean up of any mess you make

I used some old canvases I had laying around and painted those brown with a black border to act as the frame.
Lay your vines on the canvases to figure out where you want to position them.

Work on your layout

Once you know how your layout will work – start applying liquid nails to one of the vines by putting the glue under the seed/knobs/round sections. Liquid nails takes some time to dry so I used weights to secure them as I moved onto the next one.

It will take about 20 mins to completely dry

Wall placement

All Done


Happy DIY Art


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I bought a desk from St. Vincent that I absolutely love! I plan on painting the top and trim into a creamish color. Its extremely heavy so I have had to take it apart for us to be able to get it into the den.

My inspiration from Wheelerthree


Mrs Devore’s Dresser:


Stay tuned!

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