Guest Room Headboard

This was a painful project but it was sooooo worth it, I cant wait to put it up!!! 🙂

It took me a long time to pick out fabric and lots of thinking because I didn’t realize there is no fabric with a wider width above 54 inches (at least I have not found one). This presented challenges since I wanted to do an 80″ x 60″ Headboard for a queen bed instead of the regular 48″ x 60″ I have seen on several blogs. After I started the project I realised its the same fabric that All Things Thrifty used, I just did it different. I love their idea too!

I got the fabric at Home Fabrics for $4.99 yrd and all the rest at Home Depot. Check the reject bin at Home Depot for wood sold at $.50 a piece.

I used:

  • Plywood
  • Hot glue gun
  • Staple gun
  • 3×1’s
  • 4×1
  • Batting
  • Fabric
  • Nail head trim
  • Spray Adhesive
  • 1″ High density foam
  • Patience
  • Loss of a new nails

The white wood is some extra support beams I added

HD Foam measured, cut and stuck to plywoon with spray adhesive
Batting added and stapled in the center
Edge of the collection - I used 10oz batting first then 4 oz for the topper
Sizing fabric and pattern positioning
I used hotglue because sewing wasnt working well for was a sad state
Both pieces joined and looking good. I did opt to add nail head trim to further hide the seam
I started with the middle to make sure it was balanced left and right
Progress, not bad though I ran out of nail heads - make sure you get enough, I didnt measure :/
Yes - I see the bends. (I dont care?) lol
Finished! I love it 🙂

It will go up once I figure out what the color of the side tables will be…..pondering.



  1. where did you find the nail head trim?? looks continuous i’ve never seen it?thanks love the idea i will use it for my daughters bed.

  2. Beautiful job! Very lux!

    Hope you don’t mind me adding, for those who prefer a sewn seam for matching (railroading) the fabric if you press it correctly it will barely be visible. Steps to do so are:
    1) Match the pattern (pin or hand baste together) and choose a machine stitch length according to fabric weight. Preferably sew from the bottom to the top.
    2) Working on the wrong side of your fabric; take the tip of your hot iron and blend the stiches in the same direction you have sewn them using a firm pressure ensuring you do ‘not’ stretch the fabric. Open your seam allowance.
    3) On the right side of your fabric, ‘press’ in the same direction as sewn, using an up and down motion with you iron to flatten out the seam allowance(s) and the seam line. You are done! ☺


    • Sorry, the last sentence should have read: 3) On the right side of your fabric, ‘press’ in the same direction as sewn, using an up and down motion with YOUR iron to flatten out the same allowance(s) and the seam line.

  3. Hi i just want to know what sewing the fabric is for? Really confused i dont know how to sew it. Trying to make my headboard now. Thanks!

  4. […] Fancy up up your bed with this hand-tufted headboard! Cut a plywood sheet to size you want! Now layer together the foam and batting and finally cover it up with fabric you have chosen with spell-binding prints! Use spray adhesive to get the foam settled down perfectly! Now jazz up the entire headboard with the final nail head trim! Step-by-step DIY guide here lovepalmy […]

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